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Tribute2Soul.com is an effort made by us to let your loved ones never die and make them rememberable for ever. Tribute2soul.com provides ways to remember them like picture gallery, stories, moments, audio etc. You can create free memorial website for your loved ones who have passed away. You can share the memorials with your family, friends, relatives etc. and give them the way to pay their tribute. They can also share the stories, photos, videos etc.

It is very difficult and expensive if you would like to set up and create a new website for departed souls. But with tribute2soul.com, you can easily setup the website for Free. We know that how painful is if loved one's passed away. We want to share your pain and not to give you pain to setup/remember passed souls.

With Tribute2Soul.com, you can easily create website, enter stories, share birthday etc. People can easily pay tribute to the departed souls.

Once the website is setup by you or your family, your loved one will always be rememberable. We keep note of anniversaries, birtdays and give the feature to pay your tribute on all such occassions. In today's scenario, when it is not always possible to attend ceremonies, it gives a very comfortable feeling if there is a way to pay condolence or message online. We know that every friend, family member and every human being who is directly or indirectly linked with the departed soul will always want to pay the condolence. It is very painful for everyone who knows.

Let's join hand together and never let dear ones die. Let them make Unforgettable and Rememberable..

Let's Pay Tribute to Departed Souls..