Sally Ride
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Profile :
Sally Ride
Birth :
May 21, 1951
Passing :
Jul 07, 2012

Sally Ride was an Astronaut for NASA from Encino, California. She became the first women in space when she launched into orbit on the space shuttlle Challanger on june 18,1983, during NASA's STS mission. After leaving NASA she faunded her own company, Sally Ride Science, to inspire young womens to persue carreer in science, math and technology field.

Sally has received numerous awards, including the Jafferson Award for Public Service, the Women's Research & Education Institute's American Women Award & twice awarded the National Spacelight Medal.

Sally was an Amrican icon and she left us alone on 23 July 2012...

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Created On: 08 Aug, 2012
By : david nic
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