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What does Tribute2Soul.com do? 

Tribute2Soul website is a portal to remember the loved ones. Anybody can create a memorial website for loved ones and personalize it. Visitors can pay tribute, light candles and write stories. It is the best way to remember the departed souls. 

How my memorial website will be accessible? 

Each memorial on website will have a unique URL. You can share this URL to give the direct access to website. We also provide password-protected profiles. You can set the password if you would like it to make private. In this case, people with password can only view the memorial. 

How long does it take to create a Tribute2soul Website? 

It takes approximately 2-5 minutes to create simple website but it will be rememberable for years. You can enter the basic information of departed soul to start. Later, you can add images, videos, stories etc. 

How much do Tribute2soul Websites cost? 

We have to bear the cost to run and maintain the website. We pay for server, maintenance and running of the website. So we charge very small fees to run and maintain the website. See our Payments page for details.

What are the payment methods? 

We accept major credit cards, Paypal, Band Wire and Local Bank Transfer in few countries. Please check our Payment page for available methods in your country.

Can I check the visitors activity on my memorial? 

Yes. You can check the tributes, candles, stories etc added by visitors. 

Do you highlight Anniversaries or Birthdays? 

Yes. We have provided the paid service to highlight the anniversary or birthday of departed soul. We also sent an email to the registered users to pay their tribute.

What is Featured Memorial?

Featured Memorial is paid and highlighted on the home page. It is easily viewable by the visitors, family and relatives.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at contact@tribute2soul.com We would be happy to assist you in any ways we can.