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Tribute2Soul.com is an online portal to create memorial websites to pay tribute to the departed souls. It gives the features to pay condolence to the departed souls and cherish the memories of loved one forever.  

Share Photos (I am with you... please feel me in your life)
Upload photos and videos that reminds of good times. A smiling face will always let you feel that your loved one is happy wherever he/she is. 

Share Stories (I had spent good time with you... please don't miss me)
Any instance or moment with the departed soul can cherish the family or relatives or friends. It can put a smile on their face and can give the comfortable feeling that loved one is alive. 

Candles (Do you still remember me... I want to see your candle)
Light a candle to say your loved ones that you remember them and missing them a lot. It is a great way to express your feelings and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries. 

Videos (lets play and see it)
You can add the videos of your loved one. We support major video sharing websites like YouTube etc.

Guest Book 
Lets add your entry in the guest book to know the departed souls that you remember them and have paid the tribute.
Invited Family / Friends. It is very easy to let family or friends to know about the departed soul and give the opportunity to pay their tribute. 

Easy Update and Maintenance
You can edit and update the website anytime using the admin panel. 

Password Protected
You can make the memorial available to the public or just the limited members. If you want to make it private to family, relatives etc, you can set the password. Memorial would only be viewed by entering the correct password.